• Preparing Feasibility Report

    At the establishment stage of a new pension fund company or the transition of a life insurance company to a pension fund company, Adendum team analyzes the feasibility of the investment by worst, medium and best scenarios considering the parameters chosen according to the requirements of the project and prepares the official feasibility reports. Upon request Adendum may also contribute to the inhouse work for the feasibility reports and make sure the work is accomplished as required by Undersecretariat of Treasury.

  • Management of Bureaucratic & Legal Processes

    Adendum coordinates relevant parties to assure a smooth application process during the setting up of a pension company. Adendum provides consultancy on preparation of documents and Article of Associations to be submitted during setting up and application phases and assure that all requirements and documents are fulfilled.

  • Design of Organizational Structure

    Adendum helps developing the organizational infrastructure to support the institution during operation stage. Adendum gives support for the development and design of processes, HR planning and define procedures

  • Design of IT Structure

    Adendum assists in constructing a cost effective and competent IT infrastructure which meets requirements of Undersecretariat of Treasury on data transfers, reports.

  • Mergers & Acqusitions

    Adendum organizes workshops for financial institutions looking for investment opportunities in private pensions and insurance sector in Turkey. We assist them define market entrance strategies via briefly informing about pros and cons of each option.