The establishment of Individual Retirement System in Turkey has greatly changed the pensions and insurance working environment and the business conditions. The newly established pension funds and governance system brought a different approach to insurance and pension business. Especially the new financial motivation “State Pension credit” enables the plan members in Turkish Individual Retirement System to save in very advantageous conditions. The new regulations allow the provident funds and foundations in Turkey to be able to transfer the savings amounts of their plan members(either totally or partially) to Individual Retirement System/BES until 31.12.2015. In this contex we provide comprehensive actuarial consultancy for the specific provident funds and foundations for transferring to Individual Retirement System which includes the following services;

  • Presenting an actuarial secondary opinion
  • Preparation of the actuarial valuation report
  • “Actuarial Valuation Report”, includes a comprehensive analysis of the actuarial risks which are noted in the Acutarial Auditing Report and are inherent in the operations of provident funds, on a plan member and the fund basis.
  • Generating and updating the actuarial database 
  • Actuarial software development and application
  • Developing a divident payout system and revision of the current system
  • Modelling of the pensions system 
  • Actuarial cost analysis of the provident funds’ sevice for the plan members
  • Presentation of the new services and member satisfaction analysis

All of our services are customized according to the requirements of the provident funds, foundations or relavant corporations.