Product Development In Insurance And Pension Funds

  • Analysis and Revision of Current Products

    Adendum analyses the technical infrastructure, guarantees, sales and operational obstacles of the existing products and designs alternative product revisions.

  • Product Development in Life Insurance and Retirement
    • Life Savings Products:

      Adendum developes competitive, innovative, simple but strong structured products in line with the companies' target and strategies. We use international products as "benchmarking" as well as our domestic expertise.

    • Risk/Protection Products:

      We enrich the risk/protection products with various clauses considering distribution channels and target groups.

    • Products for Retirement / Annuities and other Retirement Products:

      Adendum is especially keen about the potential for the decumulation products in life insurance and pensions fund sector. Adendum helps to model the retirement period by designing innovative retirement products for accumulation period for both private pension system and life insurance sector which also welcomes the fund transfers from Endowments/Provident Funds.

      Products for Accumulation Period

      New pension plans are designed according to the sales and marketing targets of the pension fund companies.

      Products for Decumulation Period (Annuities and Other Retirement Products)

      The requirement for the decumulation products increases as the pension plan members reach retirement. Adendum adressses the potential in Individual Retirement System and life insurance market as well as the savings transferring from the provident funds & foundations to the Individual Retirement System/BES by modelling retirement products.

    • Product Profitability Analysis

      Adendum conducts profitability analysis for all kinds of products before product launch and designs the remuneration systems for the sales distribution channels.