• Mergers & Acqusitions

    We evaluate the merger/acquisition opportunities for national or international companies which are interested in private pension system by our unique local expertise and carry on our evaluations with great secrecy and under tight time constraints.

  • Portfolio and Share Transfer

    We contribute to the preparation and revision of required documents for share and portfolio transfer of pension and insurance companies in utmost secrecy.

    • Calculation Of The Embedded Value of The Company

      Company embedded value calculations and actuarial evaluation reports are carefully prepared.

    • Market Consistency Value Calculations

      Development of The Remuneration Systems in Sales & Distribution

      Remuneration systems are revised and overviewed in order to develop the systems most benefiting the stakeholders while reaching optimum profitable results.

    • Systems Analysis Projects

      Operational procedures, products and services offered, work flows within the company is thoroughly analysed in a compact systems analysis project in order to build up the most appropriate IT&operations infrastructure and to increase the customer satisfaction for the company.